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General Concept:

I was born into a dimension where “Giorgio De Chirico” already existed, the Mona Lisa, the Impressionists, the Dadaist movement. Thus, I chose the limit of suggestion, mixing a little of my personal life with the intellectual, searching inside myself and others.

It was necessary to look internally and change spectators’ rational perception. In my oeuvre living things are absent, whereas inert or “fantastic” things are present. In this hyper-reality, the present, the past and the future coexist; one only has to look more deeply.

In my discourse all of this is possible, because poetics have always wandered the soul. This is my path; I don’t know if it’s original; it just is.

As you can see, for me our oneiric life, our essence, is fundamental; perhaps to sculpt nothingness, which has been very difficult to display in such a material world.                                                                    






La última orilla. video               No pisotear lo hecho con el corazón.video



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I have discovered that I’m a terribly frustrated poet who deconstructs his poems in sculptures, lacking the understanding that words exist behind one another.”


Manufactured Objectual Art




GEIST. wmv

He whistles, content and naked, the joy of a night of partying. The dawn of his slight figure dissipates until the sun sets once again.



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Octavio Cuellar Campos (Ostrava, Czech Republic, 1964) Cuban&Mexican citizen, USA resident.

Graduate of the Academia de Bellas Artes San Alejandro (Havana, Cuba) specializing in Sculpture and Drawing, 1992.

He has had 12 solo exhibitions in countries such as, the United States, Mexico, Canada, Spain, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece and Cuba. He has participated in art auctions, various biennials, international events and countless group exhibitions.

His work can be appreciated at various hotels worldwide, at the Barajas Airport in Madrid, and at nightclubs in the U.S., Spain, Mexico and Cuba. It has been acquired by private collectors such as, the Hank González family; the businessmen Carlos Slim, Carl Landegger, Halvor Astrup, Iddar De la Parra; the composer and singer Ricardo Arjona; Syrian Prince Faisal Abddullah; former U.S. Senator Mark O. Hatfield; amongst others.

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Contact:8vio@o2c-art.com     escultor.8vio@gmail.com

Telephone: 305 632 9703